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Moanday (a day late)

I’m sorry, I was out of the office Friday and then out of town all weekend, so yesterday was Cray to the Z.

Besides which, when I re-started this beeyoch, I did it last Tuesday and I therefore, somewhat arbitrarily, made Tuesday my weigh in day.

Then I debated all week whether to (a) weigh in on Tuesdays (Medifast recommends weighing in once per week); (b) go back to weighing in every day (only not really an option); or (c) weigh in once a month.

Last night I realized I was evaluating whether to have another small piece of the yummy but INCREDIBLY SALTY roast based on whether I was going to have to weigh in, and so decided I could use the accountability. 🙂

So… I weighed in this morning. The number was 297.8. That’s a loss of (only) 2.4 lbs since last Tuesday. My reaction to that was (I admit) a burst of disappointment, and then these thoughts:

  1. I know I have lost because of clothes fit, feeling, etc.
  2. See above referenced incredibly salty dinner. I mean, like salt-lick salty. (And no, I didn’t pick it – was out of town and thankfully had help with meal planning for this week.)
  3. I wasn’t really going from totally off plan to on plan this time – I was just tightening the nutritional belt.
  4. I was off plan a bit during the weekend retreat – not eating bad stuff, but at odd times and not enough veggies and water, so it wasn’t as strict a week as most will be.
  5. Most of all (and biggest, newest deal), I am reminding myself that I only have to lose ONE POUND PER WEEK to be at 256 on August 14 (and one quarter finished) – and despite sub-optimal behaviors and salt, I met that.

That last one is a real mindblower for me. I am not used to having a goal date–at least, not one that is math based and reasonable and stuffs. I have always been scared to set one, because I was afraid that on one hand, I’d under-perform because my expectations were too low, and on the other, that I would fail and be inconsolable.

To be honest, I still worry a bit about both of those. But I did it – took the plunge and set the goal at one pound per week.

Now, instead of saying “WHY WASN’T IT MORE!?” I truly feel like, hey, I’m ahead of schedule a bit. And hopefully even more so, once this water/salt weight goes bye-bye.

patient bubble-kitteh


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