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Goal dates

I haven’t done this in a while, but I just read a post on the (new) Medifast boards that suggested doing this: take the amount you want to lose, and divide by 2. That’s the number of weeks you will need to hit your goal, on average, for Medifast.

I’m in the “go big or go home” mode at the moment, so I am going to say I want to lose 175 lbs. That means 88 weeks. A quarter way there is 22 weeks, and halfway there is 44 weeks, and 3/4 there is 66 weeks. That would mean:

One quarter the way there (44 lbs down) by Wednesday, August 14, 2013;

Halfway there (88 lbs down) by Wednesday, January 15, 2014;

Three-quarters finished (132 lbs down) by Wednesday, June 18, 2014; and

Goal (175 lbs down) on Wednesday, November 19, 2014.

Do I think these are exact? Oh hail no. But I do think that thinking about them concretely helps with the “what you do today determines where you will be tomorrow (and on November 19, 2014)” part of motivation!

So, yeah. Printing them and putting them where I can contemplate them. Then I cal tell Lil Kitteh:

Yeah, those dates ARE far away – but they will be here before you know it, and just think how much further that goal will be if you don’t stay on plan TODAY….

determination cat 1 one day at a time kitteh


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