in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

So I did it. I made the decision. I then could not sleep from the stress of it, which means (I hope) that my Lil Kitteh understands that her carefree controlling days are ova.

So it didn’t work out for actual SLEEP, but I did go to bed at 11, as planned. And I hauled my cookies out of bed at 6:00 (even though DH was so sleepy he slept right through the alarm and I COULD HAVE reset it for 6:30…) and we did kettle bell swings today.

I also exchanged emails with my “health coach” (TSFL assigns you one), gave her my eating schedule, and asked if I should try and collapse my eating times to make more fasting overnight. She said no–in fact, she wants me to start eating sooner, to get my metabolism going. And, because she comes with a whole team of Johns Hopkins experts, that’s what I am going to do.

My new schedule (starting tomorrow, because I got the email too late today) is:

6:00       up and exercise

6:30        Meal 1 (usually a bar)

9:30         Meal 2 (usually a cappuccino)

12:30       Meal 3 (open)

3:30         Meal 4 (usually a shake or other drink)

6:30         Lean and Green meal

8:30          Meal 5 (usually a brownie or soft bake cookie)

I will also get back to religiously drinking a 34-oz bottle of water and a 30-oz mug of herbal tea between meal 2 and 3 and again between Meal 3 and leaving for the day. That gets most of my water in soon enough that I am not up all night, and I do another 34-oz with the 8:30 meal and stop.

Today I am in good spirits. I know if I get through the conversion back to mild ketosis, it will all be (relatively) easy. And I am making exercise a part of the routine from the get-go this time.

While we were stretching, I said “I’m 100% committed, which is why I am so stressed. The part of me who does not want to do this, my inner brat, knows she lost.”  He had the audacity to laugh and said, how can you be 100% committed and have a part of you resisting?  I told him, the ME who controls this body is committed to taking control of it. That’s what requires the discipline–and some stress– but only for a few weeks. After that, it takes less discipline and more the ability to remember how bad it is when you are off plan, and how hard it is to get back on.


Comments on: "Deciding iz stressful stuff" (1)

  1. great post!! slap that inner little girl around. I won’t call DCF on you I promise.

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