in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff


There’s just no way to recap all the thinking, praying, reading, writing and talking I’ve been offline about where I am on this journey and what steps are next.

In fact, I keep avoiding the whole blogging thing because there is So.Much.Stuff.

But I think I am kind of stuck until I tell “you” this and move on, for goodness’ sake. Only… where to start? I keep coming back to that. So I will begin with the end and tell you where I am now and what I am doing. Then next week I will try to make time to tell you WHY I am here.

After being bonked over the head five separate times in the last six months or so, from different sources, with the idea of fasting (each of which could be its own post) I was at the point where I felt that I was being CALLED to fast, LED to fast, TOLD to fast… despite the fact that “it cannot be good for you.”

Then I had a rare chance for a face-to-face chat with one of my besties (all of whom have had the bad grace to live farrrr away from me). She’s a VERY sciencey type, whose opinions I put right up there as Troof. And the subject of fasting came up (again, RANDOMLY, so strange–and in the abstract, not about ME fasting) and she leaned across the table and said so earnestly, “have you heard the latest about fasting?” I was SURE she was about to tell me how bad it was for you. After all, everyone knows about starvation mode and Slowing The Metabolism, and so on and so forth. And she’s a sicencey type. Very practical.

Instead, she proceeded to tell me the following, in layman’s terms which I will now dumb down even further because that’s about the only way I can remember it:

Your body is always in one of two states: fasted or fed. Now, we kittehs know all about INSULIN’S role in those two states. But she told me that in FED mode, our bodies are in “MAKE NEW” mode — we are churning out new cells, we are creating, we are busy making MORE of us. By contrast, in FASTED mode, and due to a difference in hormone whose name I forgot, we are in …..

here, I was expecting her to say “hold on to it” mode – you can’t lose weight for long in this mode, right?

…HOUSEKEEPING MODE. That is, when it is fasted, instead of MAKING NEW CELLS, your body checks the cells it has and (using body fat for energy) goes in and cleans ’em up. Cell made in the fed state with defective DNA? Ousted. Cancer cell developed? Kill it. Dead cells still gumming up the works? Get rid of ’em.

Net Result? Studies showing that by fasting once a week for 24 hours, or 48 hours every two weeks, you can HALF your risk for things like cancer, dementia, etc. etc. Not to mention losing weight.

So normally, human beans should have some hours out of every 24 in a fasted state, because they are asleep, right?  But our modern life (late night nibbling and “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”) has kind of squeezed that down to nothing.

And I got to thinking about when I am most successful with the packets: when I have a nice long fast between the evening one and the morning one.

And now I think I have a recipe to GET INTO fat burning mode (ketosis) quickly and STAY there (via packets and time management).

Bottom line: completed first fast yesterday! Feeling good (and very motivated not to STOP the fat burning by having too much at once/too many carbs!)

More on this next post!


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