in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Here’s the larnin I referenced on Saturday, that I am still grappling with:

I already mentioned that when I have been most successful has been when I am head down, measuring ONLY against myself, NOT tweaking my plan or worrying about how I can speed it up, and just consistently making the better choice.

What I have thought (but not yet written because it was too scary) is that every single time I try to add exercise, things fall apart. Like this summer, I wanted to get 50 off and then start T-Tapp. I got 50 off, I made a July T-Tapp plan, and I even spent time with a BFF learning the routine. But that was when I STOPPED trying so hard to lose. That is, I added back in cheese and wine. And I stopped EXPECTING to see a loss.

This goes back to the fact that I KNOW my body builds muscle VERY easily. I KNOW that I went from a tight 24 to a loose 14 and only lost about 40 lbs, because I gained A BUTTLOAD of muscle. And so I “KNOW” that if I am working out, I won’t see a loss. And (WARNING, here is where kitteh goes nuts)

crazeh kitteh

Why would I TRY to lose weight when I KNOW I won’t show a loss?!

Yeah, I a geeeeenyus.


Well, I’m outing myself on this thinking. I am NOTNOTNOT going to change how I am eating. If the weight loss slows or stops, I DO NOT CARE because eating any other way makes my bones hurt. I am going to look at it like this:

I eat the way I eat to feel good and fuel my body.
I exercise to shrink my size.
If the scale number goes down, that’s all good. But it won’t be the end all-be all of the process.

So that leaves me with a question: should I still weigh in every day? On the one hand, a daily weigh in keeps me honest and helps me make better choices. I have cut down or even cut out cheese on a salad because I know it makes me retain water and I don’t want to see a bump on the scale next day. On the other hand, eating right and seeing no movement on the scale triggers the hell out of me and pushes me STRAIGHT into “why I am BOTHERING” land. UGH.

Kitteh needs your opinions! Weigh or not? If not daily, how often? Weekly? Monthly, after TOM so I can control the bloat factor?

Hugs to all of you!


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  1. Kitteh–the vote of an Adverb is no frequent weighing! It is drivin’ Kitteh crazeh because those numbers change too much and are too random in the short-term. Plus, the day-to-day fluctuation in the number isn’t important, especially given the lose fat-gain muscle deal. You need another metric to track and see that you are Making Ultra-Efficient Progress! Can you do a subjective metric, like how Kitteh feels each day? Combined with an objective metric, like increasing weight or reps in an exercise?

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