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Rare Saturday Post

Not sure I have ever even DONE a Saturday post, but I am away from home at a conference, and the speaker is not riveting, and I haz great kitteh triumph to report. Also, I feel like I cannot really “learn” something until I share it, even if it is with De Screen, and I think I figured out something that i need to slam home into de kitteh brain. But no cute pictures this time, because I am using the iPad WordPress Ap and have no idea how to do that from here.

First: the triumph. I’m at a conference in the sunny state of Florida. I flew out earrrrrly yesterday, spoke yesterday, and now I am just along for the ride.

My first triumph was at lunch. I went to lunch after checking in, in the hotel restaurant. I was mentally “on vacation” and had not eaten yet even though it was 11:00 and I’d been up since 4:00, and I toyed with ordering something off plan, even though they had a yummy looking salad that was looking great. And then I thought about doing my presentation feeling light and happy, versus feeling sleepy and loguey and miserable, and possibly with carb-caused stomach cramps, and it was a no brainer. (The salad reallllly was yummy!!!)

Second, despite being surrounded by hotel desserts All.Day.Long. I did not touch any of them.

Third, and more major triumph: one thing I have done more times than I can count when I am traveling solo is order room service for dinner. Even if there IS dinner at the event, I will pick at it (or even eat it) and then go up and have a ginormous binge–wine, something wicked like chicken tenders and fries or pizza–and eat it alone in my room while I read. Now, the last time I can REMEMBER doing this was over two years ago, but it was hitting me hard last night. I came back from a fairly substantial dinner (I had a little bit of salmon and a little bit of chicken and a lot of yummy salad) super tired, stressed, and feeling like I DESERVED to order room service. (In fairness, dinner was at 6, this was about 10). I got out the menu. I debated whether to order the chicken tenders, the artichoke dip, the “famous” macaroni and cheese, or the burger. I picked out the wine I would have. And then I thought about how I felt the last time I did this. NOT the way I felt emotionally (I have an astounding ability to not feel guilty about this sort of thing) but how draggy and ill I felt. How hard getting up was, how hard falling asleep was, and how I had an upset tummy. I thought about how my joints just KILL me when I eat that much refined carb (like breading on the tenders) and how I had to drag my suitcase through the airport tomorrow. And… it just didn’t seem worth it.

Then I thought about “you could just open this box–this “didn’t order room service” box–it won’t make you LOSE weight, but it won’t be one more thing to work off later.” And then I thought–it WILL make you lose weight–over time (LOTS of time, perhaps) making the choice to put down the menu WILL make me lose weight.

And so instead, I washed my face, packed up my stuff, and… went to sleep. I got 9.5 hours of sleep and I feel AWESOME today. And I am SO THANKFUL that I did not order crap–not because I will lose weight, but because I know eating that way would have made me feel horrrrible.

So have I …. dare I say it…. actually LEARNED something?! 🙂

There’s more to the learning, but this is already a wall of text (sorry) so more later.


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