in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

I am sure you were all wondering how yesterday went for me, right? Now that I am doing this “one day” business?

Well, glad you asked. I was able to:

  • get up and work out
  • do my just before bed epsom salt soak (even though I do not LIKE baths) as a result of which I am MUCH less sore today
  • write 1000 words on my WIP
  • not have any wine
  • eat on plan
  • stay away from the taco shells at dinner and have a lovely salad

I’ve had lots of good days, of course, but I found the dialog in my head more interesting than usual. I would start to think “welllll, I hafta…” or “maaaaaybe I can move that until Thursday…” and instead, I’d think: “just open this ONE box. That’s all you gotta do. This ONE little box. Don’t even think about tomorrow, or next week,  or next year. Just open the box.”

I feel like it was less “MOTIVATING” than my usual this-is-it-get-with-the-program speech, but also both more doable AND more flexible. Doing my 1000 words did not mean I had to do 1000 more tomorrow, or that I had to also eat perfectly and work out perfectly—in other words, it untied some Things in my head that have been tied up too long. Things like writing, exercising, losing weight, and eating well. If I can’t do them ALL, why bother doing even one? Stupid.



I’ve KNOWN I needed to untie them, but this is the first time I have had any success at it!


So more on Chantel tomorrow (well, actually Thursday, as I will be at a work thing all day manana), but in the meantime, give it a try, this One Day thing is interesting.

one day at a time kitteh



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