in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

I mentioned finding this book on Friday during my tire changing experience, and as promised, I finished it over the weekend Here are my major take aways (which means, it is not a proper review, just my 2 cents).

Overall, I am glad I bought and read the book. It is all focused on building a new life for yourself, one free from the overweight and whatnot. Today I will focus on two things that Chantel points out that get in the way of success (that you are to “demolish” to make room for your new life):

First, get rid of comparisons. It saps your energy to compare yourself to someone else, whether you come out on top or not. FWIW, I really 100% agree with this. One “advantage” I had last January when I started was that none of my friends were “doing this” even though there were several who wanted to lose and who had been fitness/diet pals with me at various points in time. No one else doing “it” made it very very hard to be anything but self-referential. About April (ok, on exactly April 1) one friend got “into it” again and is doing brillantly; another started WW and Couch to 5K again (I don’t recall exactly when) and is doing well. And while that is INSPIRING, and I am certainly super happy for them, it makes me impatient with my own results. Whereas (a) I told myself last January, even if you are slower/broken, you will still see success–or you won’t, but at least you will know; and (b) there was no one else TO compare to, which had its advantages! 🙂 and let’s not forget (c) I really do quite well, TYVM–I just don’t like the stress of wondering if I could do BETTER if I did what she or she or she was doing. With so much success happening, I want to tweak my plan. And that is JUST NOT A GOOD IDEA.

Second, get rid of big box thinking. OK, this one takes a bit of explaining. Chantel says we have to stop looking at the entire task (lose 100 lbs) and instead, focus on a small, measurable, do it now and rejoice in the victory goals like “don’t eat potato chips today.” I agree with this one too as being a stumbling block–and it’s funny, because as I was reading her examples (“don’t eat chips today; work out extra hard today the last 2 minutes…”) I found myself wanting to make a New Rule!! I will NEVAR EAT DA CHIPPIES!  I ALWAYS WORK OUT REALLY HARD IN THE LAST TWO MINUTES! Srsly, I did. Right then.

And THAT made me think about… well… myself. Kitteh has a terrible habit of allornothin thinking about a LOT of things. Even like in our church small group now, we are doing a devotional that has you reading the same verse as the rest of the group every day, all week. At first, Kitteh doesn’t even GET IT on how you can do it when it isn’t a Sacred Scripture Time. Just open your phone and read, done? CRAZEH PANTS.

crazeh kitteh

But what SHE wants you to do is what I am LEARNING to do in other parts of life right now: open up the LITTLE box. Take care of TODAY. Show up and don’t worry about the sixty five other things, or whether you can Keep It UP forever perfectly.

and…. a  little reflection shows that the two best (most successful) times for me in the getting healthy train were before pregnant with No. 1 (lost about 70 lbs, gained lots of muscle, very healthy); and last Jan-July (already chronicled in detail here). And they BOTH had these two things in common : I was not comparing myself to anyone–in fact, in both cases I didn’t KNOW anyone doing the same thing as me– and I was taking little baby steps and focused on just getting the day right. Not with a scheme to be perfect, not looking forward too far, but just focused on doing the best I could all day for that day.

This harrrd lesson. But VERY halping to hearz it said. 🙂


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