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Today, I am on plan.

Yesterday, I stayed on plan.

I had my packets and salmon with grilled veggies for dinner, and did not touch the chips they kept bringing to our table.

Today I got new tires on my car, I’m wrapping up a brief that has been hanging around too long, and I am scheduling some depositions that have been up in the air since last year–most likely for next week.

Today, I am on plan.

While I got my tires done, I found an interesting book that really spoke to me, in WalMart, for all of $3.79 (hardcover, listing at $25.99). It’s called The One Day Way by Chantel Hobbs, a woman who lost 180+ pounds and now is a personal trainer, etc. I’ve heard of Chantel before, in fact, I heard her interviewed on the radio at one point. She seems cool and very down to earth, with practical suggestions. But the reason this book spoke to me is, it’s about the fact that the only way to do this (where “this” is lose THIS MUCH WEIGHT) is… one day at a time.  You can’t do All.The.Days at once, you can’t re-do yesterday. You can only do TODAY, and get it the best you can.

Today, I am on plan.

Over the weekend, I am going to read the book and probably review it for you next week. I’m also going to spend some time thinking about what a single, perfect day On Plan looks like.

Then I am going to Keep Doing That.

One day at a time.

one day at a time kitteh



PS: Today scale says 294.4. Still scary.


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  1. Woohoo! Someone at my WW meeting a few weeks ago said something like that that’s really stuck with me: Is what you’re doing today getting you to where you want to be tomorrow. Mantras and all that mumbo jumbo generally don’t do a whole lot for me, but when I think about that, it does help a bit. 🙂

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