in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Today I got up so ill that I did not even weigh. I know, when your tummy is hating you, you should weigh LOWER, right? But I never do. I can spend hours in the bathroom (TMI) and feel like I have lost every bit of innards I have, and weigh HEAVIER. So today, I did not weigh.

I am disgruntled today for no good reason, other than perhaps the bare fact of being ill. Why ill? No clue. Upset tummy, feeling massively stressed.


What I would like to do: nap, or read (fiction) in bed (preferably while eating) or drink something tasty and numbing. Do NOT want to be at work (although generally I love my work). Have work event tonight that I MUST attend, won’t be home until rather late. Can’t stay home tomorrow either.

I want to eat for PURELY emotional reasons. Never a good feeling. Since my work event will feature bad for me foods, I am going to eat lunch today instead of dinner and have eggs (a big omelette) and salad. Hopefully that will quiet the beast.

What I REALLY need to do: figure out what’s going on in my head that is stressing me out.


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