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Exercise, I haz it


exercise Tired-Kitteh


Well, we got up ANOTHER half hour earlier today (for those keeping score at home, that’s a total of 1.5 hours earlier since end of year) and started Our Kettlebell Program. At least, we started what we are calling a “program,” although today consisted of dorking around with videos and doing some swings so we could see if we were Doin’ It Right, and some test sets to see Just How Bad It Will Be. Of course, you never can tell how bad it will REALLY be, because you will be tireder and sore-er the next time you try, but yeah. We tried.

No clue how many I did in all (let alone how many were “right enough” to actually count), but somewhere near the end I decided to do 3 sets of 15 (so 45) and see how I felt. Total rest between sets less than a minute, and it wasn’t that hard–except for the fact that a lifetime of other exercises has totally trained me to breathe IN anytime you fold your body, OUT on the up, and this is opposite. Which meant I spent the first 6 to 8 of each 15 kind of holding my breath and wondering vaguely (through an oxygen deprived haze) why I am I so miserable and how was this supposed to work anyway?

exercise kitteh bowflex


But the actual lifting part? Not so bad.

After lots of reading, I think we are going withTom Ferriss Simple Works concept (which I have just named from his parting comment on the linked blog post). Basically,  beginning tomorrow we will do 75 swings, me with my 25 lb KB and DH with his 35 lb KB, however many “sets” it takes to finish it. Then again on Saturday. Beginning next week, we will do that  3x a week.

75 swings, 3 x per week, until we can do them in one set.

That’s it, the current plan. Wish me luck!

exercise pushup kitteh


Oh, and in other news: third day straight at same weight. But see the above “another half an hour early”… let’s just say it will be reallly nice when kitteh digestion figures out the new kitteh arising time table! Also? I’m OK taking a (very short) pause every 10 lbs!  Ha!


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