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Moanday Report (on Tuesday)

Well, I DID work yesterday, but only until I Accomplished Specific Things, so I didn’t have a chance to blog.

Guess what?! For what I am pretty sure was the first time EVAR, I lost weight at my family’s house. 🙂 I chugged water constantly to do it, but I managed to come back 2.5 lbs lighter, bringing me to a total of 9.5 down for the first week.


Today, I weighed the same as yesterday–not surprising, yesterday I was not water perfect and I think I need that to flush the ketones, etc. out of my system. So today I have already chugged 100+ oz, ha!

Pleased to report I am feeling optimistic about things. Target Weight now says can hit lowest point (274) by March 12 at “aggressive” rate. Plan to be a good bit more aggressive than that, but we’ll see. 🙂

Oh! And Jenn asked about kettlebells. Long story short, starts tonight. I’m excited and nervous about it. Excited because I have seen friends get great results, and it seems like a super efficient way to recover some more of the 90+ lbs of muscle I lost on bedrest AND get in cardio shape AND burn a LOT of calories. Excited because I love exercise, srsly, I always have. But nervous– because the last time I tried organized exercise program with a serious cardio component was right after I got cleared to exercise after bedrest/heart issues, and it Kicked.My.Butt so hard–not the cardio, but I kept putting joints literally out of socket and it was like a massive pain fest. Intellectually, I know that I am in much better shape to tackle this now, because:

  1. I am 50 lbs lighter than then (’nuff said).
  2. My joints/little muscles are much more rehabilitated so shouldn’t do that at all now.
  3. This isn’t even an impact on the knees (my weakest spot), my feet stay firmly planted at all times.

But… I still nurrrr-fuss.

highstrung nervous kitteh nervous kitteh


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