in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Well, three days into this “realization” (for the umpteenth time) that you have to DIET to lose weight, I am down six pounds and counting. Had another half pound loss this morning and I am past the water weight for the most part (I fear) so that’s encouraging. Still waiting on the hormonal loss to kick in.

Here’s the thought I had this morning while driving to work through Yet Another Very Rainy And Trafficky Morning:

If you told a friend about something you needed that ONLY she could do, and that it was super important, and she AGREED to do it, and then bailed, you wouldn’t trust her at bit, would you?

Well, how many of us know full well what our bodies need, how important it is that they get it, and even go so far as to PROMISE to do it— and then don’t follow through?

lost kitteh's trust


It really helped me (and still does) to assign my crazier, sneakier ways of getting off plan foods to Little Kitteh, who wants what she wants when she wants it.

But I am now seeing another kitteh in here–we’ll call her Healthy Kitteh for now, unless I can think of a better name–who really WANTS to be healthy, who is crying out for the water, fresh veggies, and yes, even packets, because they make her feel so darn good.

And then there’s just Me, the one who tells Little Kitteh no (for a change) or fails to tell her no–at the expense of Healthy Kitteh.

Going to be kind to Healthy Kitteh again today. She is so very happy with eating and drinking properly.

happy kitteh happy kitteh 2


So even though I am hurting like a cussword with the about-to-change-to-snow rain (I have rheumatoid arthritis–not weight related, genetic, showed up when I was 17 and thin!) I am not consoling anyone with food or alcohol. I’m sticking with teh healthies and celebrating the fact that the pain is just joint pain now–not caused by weight but certainly more bearable now that I am not carrying so much weight around when it is hurting!



Comments on: "Three perfect days down–and a thought about TRUST" (3)

  1. Giggling at the lost trust pic as I just gave my mini wiener a bath and he gave me that look. I say you name healthy kitty a strong name. Shera princess of power! (google if that name means nothing to you. My first visit so I have no idea your age yet) LOL

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