in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

I’ve been thinking a lot about when “this” program works and when it does not–although what I REALLY should say is, what variations I make will change it so much that it will stop working. Here are my conclusions:

1A. When I approach the diet as “eat five packets and one reasonably healthy meal and that’s all.” I maintain.

2A. When I approach the diet as “eat five packets and one DIET meal, very low carb and low cal, to stay in ketosis and take in few calories,” I lose. Perhaps not as fast as some, but I DO lose, and lose fairly steadily.

I kind of knew that, right? But it is something I have had to learn OVER AND OVER apparently. “Lean and green” meal is not code for “eat one healthy meal.” It is code for “abide by strict dieting principles for one dose of protein and fiber.”

But what I have confronted over the last two days is that I have not REALLY been maintaining since July, as I decided to do. I FELT like I was. I even went into a smaller size jean. But the truth is, over that six months or so that i was not doing 1 or 2 (more below on what I really WAS doing, especially on vacation days), I was actually gaining a tiny bit at a time. Not much–less than 8 lbs over the six months, so less than 2 lbs a month. BUT PEOPLE!! That would be the equivalent of gaining SIXTEEN POUNDS  A YEAR!! And no sign that it would stop.

So what was I doing, while I was inching up, itty bitty bit at a time?

Well, first, I was not weighing every day. Why? Because I didn’t expect to see a loss so why bother. LESSON: need to monitor CLOSELY, all the TIME.

I was NOT doing No. 1, above, for part of that time. I was doing it for some, which is why I think my rate of gain was as slow as it was. Instead, on vacation (on purpose) and later on, all the time, I fell into approaching food as either:

1B.  “eat five packets and one whatever I want meal, including dessert, I will maintain” (Not true, I will steadily gain. Not much at a time, but steady.)

2B. “eat regular but healthy meals and watch calories and I will maintain.” (Ditto)

3B. “eat five packets and a reasonable healthy meal (so far so good) but add alcohol in at night and I will maintain” (Not true. NOT TRUE!!!)

So there you have it.

I honestly have NO IDEA what happens when I am ready to maintain for real–hoping by then my activity level will be up enough (and my muscle mass back up enough) that it will be easier to maintain. But I can see it is going to require constant vigilance.

Meanwhile… I guess it is not surprising that coming back from one of these B’s to No. 1A did nothing except let me maintain.


No matter, I am back to No. 2A: “eat five packets and one DIET meal, very low carb and low cal, to stay in ketosis and take in few calories,” and I fully expect to keep losing.

Down 2 more today, in fact–and (TMI warning) I have changed my get up time by more than 1.5 hours, and my digestion hasn’t caught up yet 🙂 so I am not weighing empty, as it were. (Hey! You were warned!!) Oh, and (more TMI), I am already sore and spotting, so hormones are definitely at work. Kind of hoping to end this cycle back where I started at the beginning of July, but we’ll see. Either way, I’m on the 2A train!


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