in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Holiday Rampage

So, I went on a Holiday Rampage.


Well, it wasn’t quite like that.



But I did give myself permission to eat whatever for the week of Christmas and before Jan 2 (first day back in office). A few observations:

  1. Eating carbs makes me feel like pure dee ole shite. Sorry for the language, but there is no other word for it. I could eat eggs, bacon and coffee and feel great (if a bit too full) but add a slice of toast and I feel like PDOS.
  2. I can gain an astounding amount of (water???) weight with barely any extra carbs. And it takes me a lot longer to shed it than anyone I know, including friends who are supposedly carb sensitive. (Glaring looking at you, Chele). Of course, I am a decade older than That Friend, so we’ll see how she does in her forties, bwahahaha! (Just kidding. I would not wish this on anyone.)
  3. Recreational eating wasn’t that much fun anymore.
  4. The first bite or two (or maaaaaybe 3) were the best. The rest, meh.
  5. Even when I COULD eat more than I wanted, I typically didn’t want it that much.
  6. I was actually looking forward to getting back on track. And I am enjoying it!

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