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2012 Retrospective

One year (minus one day) ago, I wrote this post about making trust and discipline my words for 2012.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about this past year–what worked, what didn’t, and what I want to do THIS year to make it at least as good. And one thing that is great (and frankly startling) is that… it WAS good! My body DOES still work–not as fast as some (OK, not as fast as MOST!) and not as well, and not on carbs at all, but it DOES work.

Last year I lost 52.4 lbs. I am slightly up from that after the Holiday Rampage (of which more later) but if I can do that again this year, I will be right at my weight when I had Kiddo No. 1. Basically it will have taken a year to erase the “effect” (poundage wise) of Baby No. 2, and (continuing to go back in time), I would have the effect of Baby No. 1 gone in another year.

Striking things about that for me:

  1. it feels really possible.
  2. it feels really OK — even though this time LAST year I was all impatient to  Lose.All.The.Pounds. by the end of 2012, I am now really OK with the fact that it is a process.
  3. it feels really healthy.
  4. it feels really maintainable.

I also note that I lost the majority of the weight in the first half of 2012–six months. And instead of being angreh that I didn’t just push on through and lose 100, I am actually pleased. The six months of maintenance, more or less, let me PROVE I can maintain, let me get used to this size again, and (most importantly, but TMI) let my hormones settle down a bit.

In fact, instead of being angreh, that’s probably at least PART of why this feels so doable. I can lose another 50 in a year–maybe more–I did it in 6 months last year!

So today (first day back at work) I am back on plan and very, very happy about it. Back to strict observance –for the rest of this month, no alcohol, strict lean and green, etc. Hoping to be back to lowest weight of 2012 by end of January–which should be doable but my body can be stubborn, so we’ll see. No alcohol until I am back to the lowest seems reasonable. 🙂

Best wishes to all for a Happy New Year. I’m going to be back on regularly for a while (at least!) getting ramped back up! No QUESTION but that I do better when I am posting regularly!


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