in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

but sometimes, I have felt like I was. 🙂

Kitteh has been verra sick for about two weeks now. The kind of sick that either puts you in bed or puts you in the hospital. This time, for the first time in my life, I chose “bed now” and while I am pleased with being better, I feel like as much bed time as I have logged (for me), I should be hale and hearty and I am still pale and ookey.

Doesn’t help that the rest of the family is also sick, nanny included. I feel like in addition to the flu (positive flu test), newly diagnosed adult onset asthma, neither of which involved a snotty nose or tummy troubles (though the flu MEDS did a number on my digestion), now I have a nasty cold that has me STILL coughing like an 80 year old smoker AND dripping and sneezing. Kids had flu shot, but they have a cold too. Nanny claims “allergies” but she is probably just afraid I will make her take the Tamiflu (ew).  Husband took the Tamiflu and still spent the weekend in bed, guy style (meaning, unlike me, he did not get up to do bedtimes, fix dinner, etc. He just slept 14 hours at a whack, ate some soup, and went back to bed. My “days in bed” were both NOT taking kids to school (husband did it one day, they stayed home one day) and sleep until 9:30 and 11, respectively, then get up and do the the various must-dos. Naturally I got the flu in the middle of when DH had school and when nanny had prior evening commitment, so all the high maintenance kid stuff was still mine to enjoy.

So NOW I am deciding, back to doctor, or no? Doc said, you should feel better in two days (I did) and right as rain in 5 (I do not, but maybe it’s a new thing, the cold?) or come back and we will do a chest xray. I know what that means: potential pneumonia diagnosis. Trouble is, I am not able to actually inhale right now, can’t catch my breath when just sitting still, and so that is a real possibility. I’ve had it three times, it sucks mightily. 

Weird coincidence, this is also what happened to me the winter Child No. 1 turned 4 — No. 2 is turning 4 this year — and in fact all the resulting pneumonia and infection (and antibiotics all winter) is how I wound up with No. 2. Ha. Well, I don’t think the spring will find me pg this time (or someone’s gonna get sued) but I DO hope to avoid the whole in and out of hospital sickness by nipping it in the bud this time.

But it just doesn’t seem to want to nip.


OK, enough whining. I will say, I am not strictly on program because the Tamiflu was destroying my stomach and the packets don’t provide enough “coating” for a “take with food” thing. But I am not up much (282 this morning, up from 277) and that’s after a travel day and no water. Hoping to hang tight until I get this mess under control. Seems pointless to go back on packets when I feel like I am about to get more antibiotics. 😦


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