in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff


I’m being lazy, using current weight as title. But that really is where my head is at the moment: getting back to 275 and then digging on down.

So with that, still less than a week later, I am now 3 lbs above pre-Disney weight. Not too shabby. It’s encouraging that I can do planned departures and still get back to starting soon – something that I think will be a key skill for maintenance. I am happy.

Here are other things making me happy, in no particular order:

  1. It’s cooling off, and I love fall. I think it is my favorite season, despite the ragweed and allergies being worse for me than in springtime! Fall, to me, means back to school and the start of a “new” year – at least as much as Jan 1 does. I think that comes from many years in schools – going, teaching, as a parent. LOVE fall.
  2. Specifically, it is almost ROCKTOBER, my favorite month of the year. I am already feeling that groovy Rocktober energy. I want to craft, decorate, nest, cozy down for winter, write, and get ready for the holidays. 
  3. Looked at a bucketload of photos from our vacation and while I don’t look how I WANT to look, I look hella better than the ones that were taken at Christmas. It really helps, in fact, to get my brain around what size I actually AM right now. Nice to have a GOOD reaction to a photo for a change!
  4. Finished with three Things That Were Dramatic and Sapping My Energy – pow! Gone!
  5. This is Day 4 so my hunger pains are afading and ketosis is just over the next hill.
  6. We are (tentatively) planning a couples-only trip with some dear friends we don’t see often IRL for (tentatively) next July – all by itself, it would be a dream trip for me, eve better to go with some of my favorite folk, and it makes me positively GIDDY to think that by then, I could be down another 50 to 100 lbs.
  7. Only a few more months of night school for DH – and only one more final – and I get my husband back!

Peace, y’all!


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