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Fabulous Friday

Well, I have a super stressful couple of weeks getting ready for a 3 day business trip next week (which involves having everything “handled” at home before I go) followed by immediately leaving for a full week vacation with my extended family, and a weekend of social obligations, and I’m behind on house stuff since I was gone last weekend and had company… so…. I’m at max capacity and have this ONE WEEKEND (restricted by social stuff) to get EVERYTHING READY for two major trips… but you know what? I am verra happy today. You know why?

Because of THIS screen this morning:

And these balloons, which Kitteh popped rather gleefully sitting at a red light:


And this “go forth” message you get after you pop ’em:


That’s right, as of this morning I am back at 275.0 and on the way down!

That trend line at the bottom, by the way, shows what happened. That sudden “up” is my July of not weighing and my return to weighing after gorging on chippies on the drive home from vacation. I’ve actually hit 275 three times – once in early July (and I think I was there for most of that month), again weekend before last (before my vacation with husband), and again today. But today I celebrate, because as of now, I am officially DONE with it!

I put 265.0 in as my next goal and hit “aggressive” on the pre-set choices for Target Weight (that’s a 2 lb a week average) and that gave me a date of October 13, 2012. For now, I’m going with that. Like I said yesterday, it may be sooner, it may be later, but I AM going to lose another 10 lbs now. October 13 is as good a goal as any other.


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