in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Moanday 090412 (on Tuesday)

Wow, 09!!! That’s September, y’all!! And at the end of this month, I will 9/12 of the way through the year – that’s 3/4, for those of you not so good at maths – so time to make the back fourth really count!

Quick Labor Day weekend report: went away with hubby. Walked (literally) 5-7 miles per day. Ate rather more than usual, and had alcohol after dinner, all on purpose. Went to HUGE wedding with TONS of food and open bar on Sunday evening and tried all kinds of new foods (it was a Russian Jewish wedding, and the food was both new and fabulous).  On Labor Day itself (yesterday) drove home super early, took kids for pancake breakfast, and ate MIL’s chicken enchiladas for dinner (with chips). Also on purpose.

Today, 280.4 (expected) and super upset tummy (should have expected).

On the one hand, very happy because I allotted myself five pounds to “play with” for my once a year blow out with DH and college friends and did not exceed it, and also pleased because I am confident that strict adherence can eliminate that (and more) reasonably quickly.

Also happy because this time last year, I was wearing size 28-30 shorts, sweating and puffing my way through the days, and feeling miserable. This year, although I am not where I will be NEXT year, I felt much cuter, had tons of energy, and sweated only a normal amount. 🙂 No puffing, ha!

On the other hand, I’m feeling that “fire in the gut” that says I am not happy overall with where I am – which is really kind of good, because after losing fifty pounds I felt so pleased/so much better that it was kind of hard to be motivated. I am ready to make the last four months COUNT.

Who’s with me?!



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