in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

This is my fifth day back on the wagon, and my weight was exactly the same (276.8) as yesterday and the day before. Hard to complain since that represents an 8 lb loss for the week, but I am still hoping to see some more movement for the week – still a few days to go, since Monday will be the official “one week later” weight. Even if it is “only” 8 lbs, I will be happy. Just happiER if it is more. 🙂

I have a headache, which has been showing  up every afternoon a bit earlier and now is already thundering away today – I think sinus related. Also feel a bit queasy, but in that way that makes you think if you ate you’d feel better. (Not going to happen, body – sorry.) Feel a bit fevery but not horrible.

The bad thing is, I want to use the weekend to purge, sort and clean the main floor before my inlaws arrive next week to keep the kids, and before DH and I depart for our annual long weekend getaway. So here’s hoping I feel better. I want to clean out all the toys – I usually do this summer and Christmas and summer didn’t happen because of the crazy schedule, so I feel very behind on that part – and the guest room, especially the closet. Would love to have some time in the basement as well – I went a little nuts in my usual fall crafting frenzy and purchased a basic sewing machine, so I need to figure out where to set that up in the crafting area that won’t be in our way if we use the conference table for work stuff. Or return it. Jury is still out, lol!

This crafting bug bites me hard every fall – I think it is part of my desire to cuddle down and nest as the weather cools? – but this is the first year in about 8 that I have really felt like actually DOING stuff. Like, since I was pregnant with No. 1. Before that, I always had something going on. this year, I am now positively drunk with joy at the idea of starting [cross stitch! crochet! sewing! learning knitting!] and really need to get a grip because although I definitely have the energy to craft some at night, I can’t do ALL of this! Gonna have to pick and stop buying everything I need to do 87 different projects.

Also taking DH this weekend to do his fall update to the work wardrobe, which is fun – even more so because I have COUPONS from when we did his spring update so a lot of it will be free. 🙂

Y’all have a good weekend and stay motivated!


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