in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Three pearls, success!

Made it through yesterday – harder than the previous two because no “new” fire and my cravings kind of peaked. But nothing too hard to handle, of course. I am firmly NEAN in my outlook.

I’ve had a lunch thing to deal with every day this week – and on Tuesday I developed a clever strategy I shall call “Order the Side Salad” when I patent it. I got a side salad and a little ranch and had something to do with my hands/mouth while people ate, didn’t draw any attention to myself, and took some pressure off of the need to get in my fiber/greens at dinner. So yesterday, I checked out the place I was going ahead of time and no side salad, but they had a caprese salad (tomato, basil, mozz, vinegar) and I decided to order that. But the person I was to meet was half an hour late (she’s a doc and had a surgery go long, so she couldn’t call) and I went there, waited 15, called, then when I got no answer, left. So she called when she was headed there just about the time I was almost back, and I said I would just come back and meet her. She said she would just order coffee and wait for me. BUT when I got there, she’d ordered a quiche of the day to share, which came with a side salad, and a box of beignets (which this place is “famous” for locally). I was pretty proud of myself, I told her thanks but no way on the beignets, split the little mini-quiche with her (and gave her about 2/3 of it) and just ate out the “guts” of my piece with half the salad pile. Probably an extra 100 calories or so, but since there was only viniagrette on the salad, I figure came out about the same. The quiche part I ate was less than 1/2 a cup of egg mixture, with a little bit of ham chunks. Not a big deal.

Then yesterday’s dinner was a yummy dish known as “Italian Chicken” at our house – crockpot, chicken, Italian dressing powder, cream cheese, etc. Served to kids over rice or pasta, and I had mine over half of yesterday’s cooked spaghetti squash. As I was eating it, I realized it was cheesy (salty) and I’d added some shredded parm to the top (more salt/whey) and I was going to be retaining some water today. So be it, I guess.

So this morning, I was quite afraid that my 8 lb loss this week so far would be less due to water retention. I am pleased to say my weight was exactly the same – which makes me think I may have a whoosh tomorrow unless I eat more saltiness today.

So that’s me – made it through Day 3, on the downhill slope of getting into ketosis. Not relaxing my vigilance though – this weekend will be first no-nice-glass-of-wine-with-gaming-with-hubby weekend I have had in a while, so I will have to stay strong and focus on how lovely it would be to achieve 75 lbs down in 2012!


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