in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

So yesterday (as predicted) was infinitely easier than Monday, because, well, I had one NEAN day under my belt and who wants to start over when you are possibly one-third of the way there?

…and I had noticed all day at random moments that I didn’t look as bloated (in the face and belly) as I have been looking – little things like my collarbones are back, my dimples show up more again, things no one but me notices, I’m sure, but enough to feel like progress was happening.

…AND since I had weighed 280 something on Tuesday, I got on the scale today thinking “I may even be back in the 270s today!” For the record, I haven’t been below 280.0 since the last time I weighed in June (recall that I did not weigh in July).

So imagine my delight when the scale said 276.4!

I got on and off like 6 times, but same result.

Tomorrow, it may again be higher than that, but I will take the celebration while I can get it, and hope that my visual is correct and I am almost back to pre-vacation weight. I am even daring to dream that my little planned departure will have the effect of shocking my system into faster loss again, like in the beginning. If nothing else, things should speed up because I am back to basics. NEAN to the rescue!

That’s it for today, wish me luck for tomorrow’s weigh in – just hoping not to swoop back up! 🙂


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