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So if…

Were you all wondering just how much I could lose between now and the end of 2012? What a coincidence, ME TOO! I wanted to do a “get inspired” post for myself because while it is all well and good to say “now the next 50” and be all stern and stuffs, I also want to think about what I could accomplish while I am being so NEANly virtuous for the next 18.5 weeks – all that’s left in the year (I KNOW?! Can you believe it?!)

So one way to do it is to say, if I lose…

  • just half a pound a week for 18 weeks, I would be down another 9 lbs – to a new low of 271 and down 54 for the year. That is NOT the goal, but that is kind of the worst I think I can expect if I NEAN. Just setting the parameters of my own expectations.
  • a whole pound a week for 18 weeks, I’d be down another 18 lbs – to a new low of 262, and down 63 for the year. Better, but not the goal.
  • 1.5 pounds a week on average (what I did for most of the first half of the year, on average) I’d be down another 28 lbs – to a new low of 252 or so, and a total of 73 lbs for the year. That’s quite respectable.
  • 2.0 lbs a week – reachable, with NEAN, though maybe not on average, I’d be down another 37 lbs, for a new low of 243 (!!) and a total of 82 lbs for the year.

Of course, reality will be somewhere in the middle of all of that. One thing that tracking my weight all year on the app has taught me is that you can’t tell what the heck is happening in the microcosm of the day or even week – gotta take big picture results.

So my goal, which is a STRETCH goal, is to see 250 or below on the scale by the end of the year. (And for the record, 250.9 will work just fine. 🙂 That would be 75 lbs down for the year, a nice round and inspiring number, and quite respectable.



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