in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Well, congrats to me. A stern talking to was, in fact, what I needed. Yesterday I had my first perfect day since my honey tree visit. Today, I’m down to 280.4 (from 284.4 yesterday).

That’s a big fat honking deal because for me, the first day is by far the hardest. Once I have even ONE day to build on, I don’t want to “start over.” I know that the first three days are the roughest, and that’s one of three down. Or, as I was telling myself last night:

  • The first day is the toughest because the temptation is to just “start tomorrow” – you don’t have anything “in the bag” yet that you are “wasting” if you wait. And Lil Kitteh is screaming that once you start, you will NEFAR HAVE DAT YURMY STUFFS AGAIN. Which is absurd. Yurms will still be there when I am skinny again. 🙂
  • The first three are toughest because you are getting past the cravings and don’t have AS MUCH to waste if you start over. So I will be hyper-vigilant this whole week.
  • But by the end of the first week, I will be firmly in ketosis and carbs will be a big yawn again. My mind will be firmly fixed on what I am trying to accomplish, so really I just need to get through seven days. But I have already gotten through one of them, so six to go!

As a critique, yesterday I think I was successful at NEAN because:

  1. I said, NEAN.
  2. I hydrated all day – hydration has been jacked up since vacation, and thirst feels a lot like hunger.
  3. I hydrated last night – two big (32 oz thermal cups from the hospital) mugs of Sleepytime Vanilla tea.
  4. I kept my hands busy – crocheted some and started back to cross stitching again.
  5. I ate my PB and brownie when I first came downstairs and then nothing after that other than tea. NEAN.
  6. Did I mention, I said “NEAN” to myself? A lot.
  7. I had my last packet as I walked out the door from work – a big shake cup of “raspberry iced tea” – which filled me up and made staying on plan for dinner easier.
  8. Then,  I didn’t want to blow my “left off all the bread/crackers/etc” for dinner efforts, so NEANing was easier.
  9. I did not have any wine. Or zero carb alcohol. I just can’t do that now.
  10. Also, I said “NEAN” a lot.

What I didn’t do (and want to do better): get to bed earlier. Midnight doesn’t work for me when school is in session. I did manage to remember to take all of my vitamins, and I did do my skin brushing. I did not exercise.

But those things (vitamins, sleep, skin brushing, T-Tapp) are not my primary focus. Right now my primary focus is getting this weight off. I think that’s the mistake I made, if any, in July. I gave myself permission to not lose and just maintain while I focused on T-Tapp. Then I didn’t really TRY to lose any weight. So now, I am back to weight loss as primary focus, with occasional T-Tapp sessions being gravy. There’s real incentive to do it, because it feels really good. But my kitteh brain is happier with it being a “wow, you exercised!” thing rather than a “MUST.EXERCISE.AGAIN.” thing. So that’s what I am going with right now.


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