in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Moanday 082012

So YEAH. This is the first Moanday report I have done this year in which I have to say – GET A GRIP, KITTEH.

I have not been on plan rigorously since leaving for our vacation. I have had good days and OK days, only one horrible day (the day we drove home) but NO perfect days, and before my planned visit to the honey tree, as the low carbers say, I was doing fine with many many perfect days. All in a row, and whatnot.

Conclusion: Time to go back to NEAN. Not Even A Nibble. Apparently it is not enough to gently cheer myself on (“you do so much better with a big mug of tea at night!”). No, it’s time for Kitteh Tuff Luvs.

I could tell you why – the horrible family stuffs that has gone on, on both sides, from cancer scares to drama; the stress of having submitted briefing on the biggest case of your life and hunkering down to just WAIT; the stress of last semester of school for hubs; the stress of back to school; the stress of having HAD that nibble and now hearing the siren’s call of carbs AGAIN in my head.

Instead, I am going to tell you that I am hovering all around 280, plus or minus, and I need to get back to my lowest, no excuses. And then I need to lose another fifty.

So, fifty more down, here I come.


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