in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Well, howdy. Sorry, that “back to normal” business was interrupted by a “vacation” (taking kids to in-laws to visit – fun but hectic and a full 24 hours of driving) and by a surprise 15 hour work day for a meeting in another state (fly up and back) and by an emergency hearing in another state the day before all of that started. So yeah.

Now I am back for realz, though I am not going to be working crazy hours (or even normal hours) this week, at least I expect to be AT MY DESK and therefore able to get a post done.

Made a decision to “cheat” (is that still cheating?) on the vacation – wasn’t horrifically off plan – in fact, I would say ate “normally” if I was a normal person – but I did things like have a burger WITH a bun, eat the shell on my taco salad, and have some potato salad at the picnic. Capped it off with yesterday allowing myself to eat a sweet treat on the long drive home (bag of caramel bugles, which I shared. who knew they even existed? better than caramel popcorn!), a chicken sandwich WITH bun for lunch, and a (gasp) calzone for dinner. I also have totally jacked up my hydration.

Today, I weighed 282.2 – up 7 lbs or so from the last goal I met, up 9 from my lowest, and 17 from the next goal I had set.

For all that, I am not too stressed. Here’s why:

  • Some of that is carb-weight from the carb load yesterday and the day before – it will go away RELATIVELY quickly. Not overnight, but it isn’t fat pounds.
  • Some of that is hanging onto water after jacking up my hydration for most of July
  • Even if ALL of that is fat weight (and it isn’t, see above), I am confident I can get it back off because I have a system that works for me.

So here is what I have learned in my month of not weighing and working out:

  • I am much less motivated to do the “extra” – choose the leaner/lower cal/lower sodium options – when I feel like there is no immediate accountability. Translation: I behave better with a daily weigh in
  • I am not going to believe that I will lose many sizes and no pounds – frankly, I just have too many pounds of fat that need to go! So it may be slower now that I am working out – so what? The point is, it will come off. Translation: stop being scared of  working hard and still getting “bad” weigh ins – just do the work.
  • I am motivated at the idea of starting NOW to attack the NEXT fifty pounds. I had this sense of “I have arrived” when I hit 50 lbs down and I have kind of celebrated it. Now I am focusing on what is LEFT (like – another three times that amount!) and I find it much more motivating now that I have some distance from my success. Don’t know what it is about me and my brain, but when I think “I’ve lost 50!” I feel like I deserve a break, whereas when I think “I need to lose 50!” I feel energized to make good choices.

Finally, I learned something interesting during my “whatever you want” over the last two days: none of that food tastes that good. Well, ok – the carmel bugles were amazing. 🙂 but buns, toast, potato salad – none of it held that much thrill for me, none of it was as good as I remember, and none of it would I choose to eat again if it meant not getting this weight off!  So for me, that’s a real victory!

I’m trying not to overplan (!) but here is what I am looking at:

  • The rest of this week , the two that follow, and the first half of the next are relatively normal – we have back to school stuff going on, and some weekend visitors, and so on, but my work days should be normal (or even short). In all, I have 24 normal days before we hit weirdness again. I am going to use that time TO THE MAX to get back on plan, rehydrate, get back into ketosis, and establish our new back to school and working out in the morning routines. Lean and green meals are going to be just that – very strict – so I can see how much progress I can make in 24 days!
  • Then we have five days of vacation with just me and DH in our annual couple’s get away. ‘Twill be lovely! I am planning to stick with packets by day but relaxed choices for dinner – open to more fat and calories for dinner.
  • I then have 8 normal days, which includes a weekend.
  • Then I have the annual conference for my field in D.C. – which will last three days.
  • Then I have one day at home and we leave for family vacation to DisneyWorld for a week!
  • Then we should be back to a normal schedule.

So I have to get back in the groove in the next 24 days and stay there if I want to make any more progress before Disney!!


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