in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Catching Up

Well, my July has been far more insane than I expected. In addition to the work hullaballo, I had a serious family emergency on my side and another on DH’s side, a double drive to take/pick up my kiddos so I could work, five back to back all nighters for work, and two serious house emergencies (like burst pipe and down tree). That culminated with having to put my cat to sleep, getting my kids back, and losing my nanny to a week of jury duty – so I got to do her job AND mine. Bonus!

So here I am. Very tired, but here.

The good news: I did not cheat, this entire time, on food at all. Even when faced daily with multiple opportunities from well meaning office mates to eat junk or at least carby nasties like pizza, I kept to my packets.

I was not perfect – my water drinking fell off a LOT, and I did have wine occasionally to turn off my BRAIN so I could sleep, but kept it well within carb limits and not much over on calories. I did NOT launch into T-Tapp boot camp – I was too freakin tired after being at work for at least 14 hours a day. But overall, it is the best I can remember doing in such a stressful situation.

Yesterday, I started back full tilt: no alcohol, all my water, getting my vitamins, and doing my T-Tapp. I also started the T-Tapp skin brushing thing, which is cool and even if it does not help with loose skin (here’s hoping) it at least makes my skin feel smooth. 🙂

So that’s the update. I have also stuck to the July NO WEIGH, NO WAY plan, and have found the following to be true:

  1. It has been easier to resist than I expected.
  2. It makes me MORE likely to eat salty food/cheese at dinner when I know I won’t see the inevitable scale bump the next day.
  3. I miss seeing my chart of progress growing.
  4. I might lose my mind if I go back to weighing and don’t lose anything because of T-Tapp.

On the whole, it has been a good experience but I think I like the daily accountability of seeing that number change – even when it is “bad”  – and the reminder to not overdo anything salty or cheesy is a very good idea. And I have had more whispers of cheating in the last week than in the entire earlier six months, I think because I am in de-stress and catch up mode and want to indulge, plus I feel like I have plenty of time before the end of the month weigh in. I am resisting, never you fear! But I think daily weights are the way to go for moi.

I hope to be more normal about posting from here on out!



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