in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

I am in the most intense period of my career thus far (and hoping ever). Can’t talk about i here, but suffice to say, career make or break case, very high stakes. As I think I said, sent kids away. Worked from Friday at 5am to Saturday at 8am, and came back at noon to work until 6am Sunday. Back today at 5am. Filing is due Tuesday and I will crash.

Not weighing now, and even if I was, it would be off because my face is all puffy and my water has been all over the place. But!

Yesterday as part of my 24 hours off I went over to Avenue to get some khaki shorts  in a size 22 for a trip this weekend (because they were on sale and the 24s I inherited are awkwardly loose now). They are having a massssssive sale. I came out with:

  • The khakis I went for (22 fit fine! a little loose even!)
  • For $18, an $80 black blazer that I will be able to wear to business meetings
  • For $7 each, three pretty skirts IN SIZE 18/20!! They will dress up or down!
  • For $14 a pretty cape/scarf, summer weight
  • A pretty gold threaded open weave shrug (been looking for one for a completer piece for summer)
  • Two super soft, cute shirts – IN SIZE 14/16
Meanwhile as we work these crazy hours, I have had the chance about every 3 to 4 hours to exercise my discipline muscle and turn down the shakes, fast food, and candy people keep bringing in (for free, even). So far, hasn’t even been that hard – and I am POSITIVE that I am (for the first time ever) going to come out of a crazy work period SMALLER than when I started! 🙂
YAY for mental progress!

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