in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

I am being very patriotic. I am spending my Independence Day plugging away at a brief that SHOULD win millions of dollars for the taxpayers. Yay me.

So here are some observations:

1. Starting a boot camp when you are working 14+ hour days is stupid. I am not QUITE as stupid as I thought I was, because I pulled the plug on that plan. Boot camp will start next Thursday. Yes, it will mess up my “entire month of July for T-Tapp” plan. No, I can’t really do anything about it.

2. I am really, really tired. But this push is over next Tuesday – at the latest by midnight EST and hopefully before. And then I shall crash.

3. My DH is the best.

4. I miss my babies – they are at my mom’s house and are NOT missing me, so that is some consolation.

5. I am NOT cheating on my eating – I had a variance on Sunday, because I ate too few packets and two salads – one with my parents when I met them halfway to give them the kiddos and one that night with DH for dinner. But they were SALADS. Chargrilled chicken, even, and no cheese on either. So I can’t imagine it was a big deal. The bigger temptation, which I am just not going to touch, is the parade of candy, shakes and sweets that my teammates bring to the office on this  giant push. Fortunately, I already DECIDED that I was not eating them. I am pretending that they are watching to see if I will cave – although IRL I doubt they would notice or care – but pretending I am under the spotlight is keeping me scrupulous. So is knowing I’d have to post it here if I screwed up.

6. I have not weighed in since June 30 and am not going to. I am REALLY hoping for a nice surprise when I finally do.

7. I ordered the T-Tapp skin brushing system, which is supposed to help with loose skin issues. Figured, can’t hurt, right? It arrived yesterday. I may start trying it tomorrow, depending on how late I am at work tonight. Like the boot camp, I figure it also can wait as necessary for this push at work.

8. Even though I am not weighing, I see that my skin is getting saggier, which I think is a good thing.

9. The only thing I am REALLY struggling with is that I want very badly to have a  drink of something with alcohol when I get home, to go from keyed up and stressed to half asleep in nothing flat, so I can sleep. Having a single drink is probably not a deal killer, though I know it slows down or stops my weight loss. So it seems stupid to avoid all the snacks and stay on plan with eating, only to “blow it” (it=losing some pounds) with alcohol calories at night. I have obviously matured, because at one point my reaction to the above statement would be – great, good point, let’s eat. 🙂 Now I am saying, at least you are not compounding it with bad food and you won’t GAIN anything from a glass of wine or a mojito (my latest thing – mock-jito made with Crystal Light Mojito drink and a shot of rum – no carb, but calories. At least I am not kicking myself out of ketosis, right?

10. Have a great holiday, U.S. peeps! 🙂


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