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the next 50 lbs…

A plan! I haz it!

Not sure if I talked about it on here or not, but I have already started Part I of my fitness plan. And now I have a plan for Part II as well!

Part I is targeted at getting back into cardio shape and raising my basal metabolism by teaching my body that I will be EXPECTING it to do MORE on a regular basis. I’m doing a PT plan that I got from a trainer at University back in the day. Basically, you do three cardio workouts a week. The key is, you start UNDER what you can do and GRADUALLY build up so that your body anticipates continual work. The key is, you don’t skip more than two days (the weekend) and you are building in a sneaky way – 5 minutes to ONE workout each week. So it look something like this:

  • Week 1: 10 min, 10 min, 10 min
  • Week 2: 15 min, 10 min, 10 min
  • Week 3: 15 min, 15 min, 10 min
  • Week 4: 15 min, 15 min, 15 min
  • Week 5: 20 min, 15 min, 15 min

And so on.

Right now I am on Week 2 (and my weeks, bizarrely, start on Wednesday). I wrote the amount of time I have to do in the bottom right corner of the calendar days on my work calendar in PENCIL and as I do them, I am writing over them in red. I did my first 15 min workout yesterday.

The nice thing about this program is, you get to be successful from the very beginning and by the time it gets “hard” you are already several weeks in. Also, metabolically it makes sense to me. As the trainer said, too often you start out with high motivation, overshoot what you can do, and your motivation flags about the same time that your body realizes you weren’t asking for a one time effort, you mean ALL the time – and it rebels, with soreness, exhaustion, and misery.

So that’s my Part I – like i said, I am two weeks into it, and I am going to build to 3 45-min workouts per week, which I think will take up until about Thanksgiving. Then I am seriously considering doing some sort of 5k/10k training, depending on my weight – if I can RUN not WALK it.

So… Part II! Part II is allllll about building muscle. Here’s a cool fact I learned from a physical therapist recently: now that scientists are able to get in there and  “watch” what is going on inside the muscle and inside us, metabolically, they have discovered that MOST of the calorie burn during exercise comes when the muscle is engaged and tensed up – NOT because of the movement, but when it i s clenched. He says that the “magic” of P-90X, for example, is in the alternating “superman, banana” poses – full body tensed muscles, first on your tummy, then on your back – that burn a boat load of calories/fat because they are FULL BODY clenches.

That makes SO much more sense now, as to why the heck programs like Oxycise and T-Tapp work to make you burn so much fat. It isn’t just that you are improving muscle tone (although you are), it is because you are burning fat (or at least calories) when you are tensed up (when your muscles are “engaged” as Teresa Tapp says).

So Part II – designed to build back the metabolically active muscle mass I lost on bedrest and subsequent misery, as well as to burn fat through engaging the muscles – is going to be T-Tapp. I have a schedule for it, with design assistance from some of the ladies at the T-Tapp forums, that will start on July 1.  I’ll be doing a six day boot camp of the MORE instructional video (Sunday through Friday), followed by 2 off days, followed by alternating 2 different regimes (each a week long) to see which one fits my life and body better. One regime has you doing MORE on MTW, then doing a different workout on T/Th/Sat. The other has you doing MORE plus the other workouts on MWF and doing ONLY primary back stretch/T-Tapp Twist on the alternating days.  I am really not sure which I will prefer so I am going to try both!

The hardest part is going to be giving myself the 45 min or so to do the instructional video for 6 days, but I am DETERMINED to get through it. Hey, it’s ONLY for six days!!!

I am curious to see what happens after a month on the T-Tapp program. I am really excited to see lots of progress, but I think I may have to measure my success in INCHES rather than POUNDS, since I am doing so many things to add muscle.

So I am going to weigh in on July 1 and then I am NOT going to weigh in again until August 1.

For REALZ, people. WATCH me.



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