in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Pants! (squee!)

My ILs returned my baby girl to me yesterday and MIL (who loves to thrift shop) found me some clothes! In all fairness, she has offered over and over to look for clothes for me, but since gaining all this weight I have always demurred because (a) I was embarrassed about my sizes; (b) I didn’t think there would BE much in my size; (c) I hate the “fat lady walmart clothes” that come in the X’s – (really? A 3X shirts with giant gold flowers?  /shudder) and didn’t want to hurt her feelings by NOT wearing what she found for me.

Well, since I am blazing through sizes fairly quickly, I took a deep breath and told her what I needed. So when she was here before to collect the granddaughter, she brought me clothes that were mostly all a bust – because I had forgotten some important Rules of Kitteh Clothes. First, I can’t wear short/cap sleeves very well because of a scar on the underside of my right arm. Also they look horrible. 🙂 Second, I am SO OVER wearing sizes with an X and pants with drawstring or elastic – I NEVER WANT ANY AGAIN (unless they are yoga pants, but that’s different). Oh, and finally – shoot for the size I am not in yet, because by the time I get it from you, I hope to be moving down.

So guess what?!  This time, she brought me two pair of button/zip tailored capris – one in navy, sort of a lightweight denim, and one in blue and white pattern, both size 22. She also brought me an XL green and white top, an XL blue tank with sparklies, and a cream top with sparklies and long sleeves.  I loved them ALL! I looked at the pants and my brain said, you can’t possibly fit into those, but I rallied – soon you will!! They will be goal pants!

So this morning I decided to just suck it up and try them on and see how close they were to fitting. I was running short on time, but I pulled on the first pair of pants, the lightweight denim capris, and THEY FIT!!  Not only did they slide right up, they fastened with NO pulling or sucking in. And they look REALLY CUTE!!!

Ok, I KNOW 22 is by no means small. But back in January, I couldn’t get this belly and hips into 28s without huffing and squeezing. So right now they feel TINY to me! 🙂

That’s a really good thing, since yesterday I was really stressing about work and summer scheduling and not seeing any movement on the scale STILL – so it is a lovely validation that I AM DOING THIS.



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