in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Moanday 062512

Greetings, Kittehfriends. Here’s all the kitteh news you have been longing to hear:

1. This weekend, I decided the coolest thing I could come up with to celebrate 50 lbs down was to get a fitbit – something I had been considering for a while. They are kind of like pedometers on steroids. I got the fitbit ultra, which tracks steps, calories burned (based on activity and metabolic rate, based on weight and height), distance walked (in miles), stairs climbed, and give you this cute little flower that “grows” and adds leaves as you are active during the day. Then you can log onto the website and enter your food also, so you can compare your calorie deficit to actual.

This thing is definitely making me walk more – I set my initial value for steps goals pretty low (4K steps/day) and so far have exceeded it – I just wasn’t sure how many i was regularly walking. Turns out, about 5K is more what I am doing, so I am going to up my goal to 6K for a while, then up it again.

I’m also climbing the stairs more because I will get “credit” for it. 🙂 Will work for digital display, apparently. 🙂

2. This weekend, I cleaned out my closet of anything too big. Hurray! I kept sweaters that were 1X or smaller – the 1x things are OK right now (though loose) and I am HOPING they will be too big by the time I need sweaters, but this way I am OK if I wind up losing more from the bottom for a while. I’m already smaller on top than bottom because of the baby belly, so that is possible (and even desirable). And can I say it felt AWESOME to have my closet empty of stuff that is too big?

Also, I tried on some very nice dark wash trouser jeans I had squirreled away – Catherine size 7 petite – and they fit loosely, so yay! I can remember when I could not even get those up my hips. I kept them for now, but I am hopeful they will pass on through the wardrobe by the time jean weather is here and never be wearable.

3. I also randomly noticed this weekend that:

  • My calves are starting to come back in at the knee again instead of going straight up into my thighs (yay!)
  • Our laundry takes perceptibly less time to dry and less room in the basket when folded, now that my clothes are five sizes smaller (go figure!) This makes me curious about what laundry will be like as I get into even smaller clothes! I guess I didn’t notice how much different the fat clothes were making because I was also adding little people to the wash at the same time. Ha!
  • I am never going to wear those giant sweatpants again. Away with them! I am in the market for some pretty yoga pants (NOT in black) and wearing those at home now. 🙂

4. Finally, the report: I am actually up a pound today from 275 – I weighed 276 – but that is probably from the salt in my dinner last night and normones.  According to fitbit, I was in a calorie deficit of more than 1500 (enough to lose 3 lbs per week).

My biggest fear right now is that as I get more active, I will add more muscle and slow down my weight loss. That’s crazy, because overall that would be a GOOD result – I would get smaller, have a higher metabolic rate, and so on. BUT…. I reallllllly want to post a big loss for the year in absolute numbers!!!

I don’t know what to do. Well, I do – I need to exercise! I’m just sad about it. I am worried that this failure to lose right now (despite a 1500+ calorie deficit) is really the beginning of the end.

Oh! But on the bright side? I measured and it is NOT my imagination. My arms are smaller (not just floppier) by about 1/2″ each and so are my calves, and my thighs are more than an inch smaller each. Also lost everywhere else, that’s just what I am remembering most.



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