in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

275.0, Day 3

So three days in a row I have been at 275.0. That got me thinking – it has only been a few time that I have held “steady” at a weight for more than a day – usually it bounces at least a little, up or down, before going down and staying.  So I looked back at my weight history in TargetWeight and here’s what I observed:

  • The first time this happened was when i weighed in at 295.0 for 4 days in a row (and the day before at 295.2) back in mid-March.
  • The second time this happened was when I weighed in at 284.4 for 3 days (and the day before was at 284.0) back in early May.

Those are the only times this year that I have “held” a weight for more than two days in a row.

Here are the conclusions I draw:

  • Maybe my body “hangs out” every 10 lbs or so for a few days and gets used to the new decade?
  • Even the longest time (back in March) was only for four days, so tomorrow or the next, I should be slipping down some more.
  • In March, I pushed through and started going down again. In May, I got frustrated (after only THREE days, ironically) and had “too much” of good stuff for dinner. Want to guess which time I wound up finally going DOWN after? Yeah. Right.


So I am going to push through this with laser like focus. I’m really eager to get to my next magic number – 271 – the highest I can remember being before second kid.

Then the next magic number is super special: 250! I’ll be down 75 lbs – 75 of 200 so 38% or so done. 🙂


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