in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

a mini-celebration

I still don’t know what (if anything) I will do to memorialize 50 lbs down. But last night, DH was home weirdly early from school and I had a rare and unique opportunity: time available to go out before stores closed but after work, plus Kohl’s cash.

I came home just floating!  As you may know, Kohl’s has most of its old winter stuff on sale by as much as 90%.  First, because I got:

(1)  an open weave, short sleeved sweater (which I am wearing right now as a jacket) for $21 (that’s the most I paid for anything) and IT IS A LARGE. Not a plus large, people, a SIZE L from the NORMAL clothes section!

(2) a super cuddly cream sweater vest (long) with built in scarf for $6 in M/L (that’s what it says – M/L)

(3) a pretty cream crew neck sweater for $13 – size MEDIUM and it is a little tight on the girls at the moment but will be FINE by the time it is cold enough to wear it

(4) a peach colored tank with cream lace for $4 (regular XL – need it to go over the girls now before it gets cold, ha!)

(5) a petite size L long cardigan in pale blue, cream and yellow mottled knit for $7

(6) a cute tailored jacket in vintage-inspired  pale yellow with cabbage roses for $11 in a juniors size L (tight on the arms at the moment, but very doable soon!!)

But the real thrill was this:

I also found out that the woman’s sizes 1x were pretty much all too big for me and that I can wear an XL in regular sizes in dresses and tops!!

This is FANTASTIC news!!

With my baby belly roll and substantial rear view, I am still in plus size pants for a while. But this is absolute proof that I am moving toward a normal physique and I am THRILLED.

The day I am done with plus size for good, I think I will throw a party. 🙂


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