in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Hurray! As of this very morning, I am at 275 lbs. That’s 50 lbs from where I started on January 3, 2012. My stats are:

ALL: weight loss of 50, average 2.1 lbs/week. At this rate, would reach next target (265) on 7/21/12.

Last month only: lost 7.0 lbs, 1.8/week. Would reach Target weight on 7/28.

Last three months: lost 19.4, rate of 1.5/week. Would reach goal on 8/3.


So…. a few observations:

  1. Now that I have hit 50, I really don’t care how long it took to get here. Well, I do, but what I mean is – I  think this “rate” thing matters when you are trying to HIT a goal, whereas once you are there it ceases to matter at all. Something to remember when I am feeling frustrated. I WILL get there, and when I do, it won’t matter how long it took, only that I stuck with it until I go there. (Yeah, so remind me of that in a week, when I am starting to get pissy about not hitting 60 yet.) 😉
  2. Watching the most recent “Extreme Makeover Weight Loss” started a barrage of feelings for me. First, the gal lost 200 lbs in a year. Chris Powell, in his cutaway scenes, talked about how she was doing EXACTLY what she was told – food and exercise wise – and the weight was doing EXACTLY what was expected. On the one hand that was a reality check – do it right and the weight will behave as expected. Probably the variation in rates is due MORE to little things we do NOT do right (not measuring food, or just a little extra bite of lean protein or whatever) rather than some mysterious governing force that means “sometimes” it works and sometimes not. So that was rather inspirational. And I worked the program hard the last week, and viola, lost five pounds this week – 8 if you consider the “fake” gain I showed last Monday, when I was at 283. So yeah. Work the program, got it. Check.
  3. That said, the chick in the show took the first 3 months OFF work (they all do, I think) and lives with her trainer and exercises 2-5 hours per day. That’s how she lost 90 the first 90 days. I mean, that’s awesome, because she’s the first one on the show to do that (even though they all get the same “advantages” of Powell, no work, etc.) So not to take away from her. But I realistically am not going to be doing that while our household is juggling two kids (she had none), two full time jobs, and a spouse in graduate school. And the SECOND Phase (months 4-6) she first tried going back to work and wound up quitting because “she had to focus on this journey right now.” Her husband was able to either take a second job or carry the load (on screen they discussed both options) and again – fabulous for her – but not real life for most people (self included). So I am “over” beating myself up for not doing as well as her.
  4. Also from the same show, she earned Phase 4 skin removal surgery. She’s the second contestant I have seen hit that level. She had skin taken off her upper arms and her tummy. Since seeing that, I have been obsessing about how much loose skin *I* will have after losing 200 lbs.
  5. And by the way? I am going to do that. Lose 200 lbs.


Did I mention, I am 25% of the way there already?! 🙂






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