in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Brief interruption

So this week, my nanny is on vacay AND my work project has really kicked up AND my kids are at a camp that is 60 min from my house/work (so that’s 4 hours of drive time a day, because I am stupid like that).

So I doubt I will post much (OK, at all) unless things settle down on Friday, since my internal deadline on Project is Thursday COB.

Still chugging away over here, though – ate 2 pieces of that Julian’s Bakery sourdough on Sunday night as part of my lean & green (only like 4 carbs in the entire thing) and… totally destroyed my stomach AND I “gained” 8 lbs overnight. Well, 8.3 to be precise. Today back down to 280.3 (so still up by 3.3 from weight on Sunday) and stomach still a mess. Lesson learned: grains bad. 🙂 At least for me.

I’m using this stomach disaster to focus repeatedly on how the bread tasted (really pretty good) and associate THAT bready toasty taste with THIS pain instead of pleasure. It will be a LONG while before I am even tempted to touch bread again, lol.



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