in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

The last section of Dr. Phil’s book is called “Powerful Insights.” Its’ basically things  he wants you to understand/last thoughts. They are:

  1. weight loss resistance (health concerns) – if you are doing all his stuff and not losing, check your thyroid, etc.
  2. Weight is managed, not cured – don’t get complacent.
  3. Weight control that lasts – making habits out of these new things.

Overall – I’d say the book has some key nuggets but deals with each rather shallowly. Not that shallow can’t help – sometimes you need a sound byte instead of a pile of angst and self reflection. If you want straight shooting and bottom line (without a lot frills, why, or hows) this is a good choice.

Now, for my happy Friday photo! Remember this picture from this post?


Those are my size 30 yellow shorts from last year, on top of my coral size 24s from May. Well, yesterday I wore my new Avenue size 22s:


Can I get a w00t, peeps? 🙂 Scale says 279.4. Happy Friday!


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