in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Sorry for missing yesterday – short day due to sick kid AND doctor visit for myself. Sheesh, I am tired. 🙂

This key “unlocks the door to a state of body control, a state of fitness in which your body is metabolically geared for losing weight and keeping it off, and is flowing with energy and vitality.”

Here are the steps:

  1. Make it motivating (something you enjoy)
  2. program in an active life style
  3. “consequate” your exercise behavior (tie something you want to working out – i.e. no wine with dinner unless I worked out today, or putting your clean clothes at the gym so you HAVE to go there to get dressed in the morning)
  4. monitor progress
  5. maximize your weight loss (don’t bother going to the gym and half heartedly peddling at the bike, go all out and make the most of the opportunity)

These are good rules. I have struggled with this for a couple reasons. First, foremost, and you need go no further, I have not COMMITTED to it. I have talked about it, I have planned to think about maybe trying to commit to it (a very Kitteh state of mind) but I have not been willing to say, I WILL DO THIS. Why not? well, partly because I don’t know what “this” is. I don’t know what activity I am willing to commit to, or what time of day/pattern I am willing to commit to doing. So, for my own reflection, here are the things I am considering, with pros and cons, and how they stack up with Dr. Phil’s “key”:

Walk Away the Pounds (WAtP) videos (Leslie Sansone)

  • ADV: easy, I like it, I used it successfully before so I have confidence in it and that it will increase my fitness level, lots of options as to time and distance, I already own it. It’s primarily cardio, so I will burn calories and building muscles is more incidental (so my weight loss shouldn’t slow way down). It can take as little as 20 minutes. I can do it at home, at work, with the kids, solo.
  • DISADV: it doesn’t build muscle as fast as the other options.
  • KEYS: I do enjoy it and expect results, so it is motivating. I could easily tie it to something concrete (PB with my brownie at night, etc.) It would maximize my weight loss. Only negative here is No. 4 – although your fitness gets better there’s less to “measure” other than it getting easier. Suppose I can deal with that by measuring my body’s progress (inches, etc.)


  • ADV: takes 20 min, is set routine, really improves overall health, builds muscle fast, seemed to almost work miracles in terms of helping keep my spine aligned and my body less fatigued. Works my abs, which are still in sorry shape from all the surgery. Already own it, too. Have the rehab level and think I may even be ready to ramp it up and try the second level. But see disadvantage, maybe not…
  • DISADV: harder to do, so harder to motivate myself. May slow down weight loss.
  • KEYS: the motivating part is harder but would have to come from the results, which really are phenomenal. The rest is the same.

Weight lifting with hubby

  • ADV: WITH HUBBY. I love lifting weights. Fastest way to add muscles, which I need and which will be smaller and burn more calories even at rest. Much easier to track progress.
  • DISADV: has to be in the morning. Will slow down rate of pounds lost (because adding muscle).  Hubby not a “get ‘er done fast” kind of guy and it makes me a bit crazy to wait on things – I want to get in there and finish up quickly, he moves from thing to thing a lot more chilled.
  • KEYS: same.
Some sort of walking/run program (i.e. couch to 5K) I’m not even going to bother analyzing this right now. If someone gives me a FREE treadmill, I would try it. Once it is cool again outside, I MIGHT try it. 🙂
Pilates in the basement
  • ADV: in basement, most of the same advantages as T-Tapp but could do with hubs – IF I do it in the morning.
  • DISADV: have to remember how, it’s been 10 years (YIKES).
Pilates at a studio 
  • ADV: time, once purchased, WILL happen, I could get back in the swing and remember everything and then carry on at home, I could get help with these ab issues after surgery (scarring causes cramping, I will leave it at that)
  • DISADV: expensive.


So overall, I have SEVERAL good options. And as to times, I could get up and do it right away (especially now, with no car pool). I could bring the portable DVD to work and do on a break, at various points in the day (if WAtP or T-Tapp). I could do when I first get home in the evening. I could do post-kid bedtime.

All of that means, too many CHOICES! I just can’t commit. Thoughts?


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