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Moanday 060412

Howdy, interwebs.

Today, my scale said 278.0 – wippee wahoo! So I did not make the June 3 goal of 50 lbs, but I am down 47 and that’s close enough to maybe even make it up with a very active June and July. 🙂

My overall stats are  – lost 47 lbs in 152 days, rate of 2.2/week, should reach target (275)  by 6/14/12.

For the last 2 weeks, that’s 4 lbs, average of 2/week, same date for target weight.

Last 4 weeks, that’s 9.1 lbs, average 2.3/week, date is one day earlier (6/13)

Last 3 months, that’s 17.2 down, 1.3/week, date of 6/20.

Yesterday, our church VBS started. The first year I took my daughter to VBS, I could barely hobble in from the parking lot to the building. Everything seemed like SO much effort.  Last year I took my daughter (son still couldn’t stay awake for it!) and was able to move around the building some, but it was hard. THIS year, I saw a lady (not too big, actually) get up from a pew and hobble toward the back doors and my heart just went out to her. I KNOW that look, that hobble, that pain. And I realized – I DON’T FEEL LIKE THAT ANYMORE! I can actually move around freely. I can “hurry” without dying. I can participate normally in life again.

I have a ways to go to where I KNOW I want to be – to where I WILL be. But the road is looking much more pleasant these days.


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