in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Dr. Phil’s third key is “a no fail environment’, which he says “unlocks the key of external control.” Or as he puts it, “this has nothing to do with willpower and everything to do with setting up your environment for success.”

What that really means is, learning what CUES are causing you to eat, other than physical hunger. He gives a lot of examples, but  the ones that resonate for me are: the clock (eating just because it is time), watching TV, and certain locations in your house (well, for me, those are the same!) The rest of them are fairly minor for me now, although they have had more power at other times (parties, etc.)

I noticed something, thinking about this – I have “disarmed” some of these cues simply because I have faced and overcome them for several months now.  I still eat somewhat by the clock (mild ketosis keeps me less than reliably hungry and I need to eat every two to three hours), so I don’t see that one changing soon. I have basically modified the cue on the TV/house one to be, have a Medifast brownie with a little bit of PB and hot tea – which works for me. But a lot of the others – social occasions, dining with friends, parties… I have been to so many of them and turned down the food (and felt so freaking fantastic that I didn’t cave) that I really don’t even struggle with that anymore. Mind you, I will stay vigilant – it would be easy to “slip up” at such an event if you let yourself  get into rationalizing mode, or if  you attend something like a birthday party on a very PMSy day when you are super stressed. But I do feel like having SEEN that I can turn it down, it just doesn’t have the same POWER it used to have over me. So yay!

Right now, since I am launching my SUMMER BOOTCAMP next week, I am all about thinking about setting up my environment to assist EXERCISE as well as eating well. I’m going to make sure my Pilates machine is good to go in the basement, for instance, and do another “purge” of the toys so that everything is where it goes and does not distract me when I should be working out. 🙂


Comments on: "Dr. Phil Key 3, A No Fail Environment" (1)

  1. I LOVE the feeling of a successful social situation where I didn’t overeat! Parties/other gatherings were really bad for me, I would eat and eat whatever was put out (maybe because of social anxiety!) and I would eat enough to undo a week of good eating/working out. I think I finally am in a good place with like, like you, and feel so GREAT after a social event where I didn’t eat mindlessly… it is nice to just have fun with my family/friends and not get a guilty feeling about food!

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