in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Happy holiday weekend!

I kind wish that I HAD updated yesterday, I was at 279! 🙂 Today I got up rather late and was at 280.6, so my numbers don’t look quite as good, but here you go (using today’s weight because I am keepin’ it real, yo):

For the whole year to date, I’ve lost 44.4 lbs in 146 days = average of 2.1 lbs/week. This has me reaching my 275 goal on 6/16/12.

My last 2 weeks is 5.5 lbs in 14 days = 2.7/week, and at 275 on 6/12/12.

And the “worst” average is the last 4 weeks, which has me reaching goal at 7/7/12.

So there you go. There is progress (and will continue to be).

Here is other great news:

1. This weekend, without thinking about it too much, I moved my seat closer to the steering wheel in the minivan – couldn’t figure out why I had it so far back that I had to “toe down” to really give it gas. Well, today I realized that there is just an absolute OCEAN of space between my belly and the steering wheel now. I have a hard time remembering how it felt (already!) but I know for a fact that it used to brush my belly sometimes.

2. This weekend, I took my kids to the neighborhood pool. If you have little kids, you know that is NOT sit-by-the-pool-and-read relaxing – oh no, I was up and hopping the entire time. Kids had a great time. I wore size 20 bottoms (!!) and a 16 tankini top (!!) that fit comfortably and looked as nice as it possibly could, given the circumstances, and I ran all over the place and walked up and down the stairs to the covered sitting area a dozen times, without holding on to anything and without wincing, flouncing, bouncing or hurting. I was really tired at the end 🙂 but in a good way, and we then took the kids to see a movie and then did a grill out at home. It was lovely. Much like the retreat, I felt practically normal again. Normal meaning “able bodied.”

Starting next week, I am on the “build muscle” campaign of doom. 🙂 May cost me my 50 lbs mark in June, because I gain muscle easily and muscle is heavy, but I fully expect to shrink significantly (and feel a LOT better).



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