in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Full steam ahead

I spent part of today off task at work and reading blogs and looking at shrinkspiration. And I realized something.

I no longer want to settle for “thinner than I was.”

I am ready to be at my ideal body weight – whatever that might be.

What’s even more remarkable? That seems possible.

Just keep on with the Noms, focus on the Plan, and eventually, I will get there. Maybe not as fast as some people (who work harder, who work juts as hard, or even some who do NOT work as hard!) but eventually.

And even if it takes five years? Well, I’ll be 45. Child No. 1 will be 12, No. 2 will be 8 – still plenty “little enough” for it to really impact their lives.

And it isn’t like I will leap from 281.4 (today’s weight) to 125! I will get better every single step of the way.

Where I have come is nothing to sneeze at. I feel tons better already, and I was able to do my retreat with joy and vigor and energy – and it will only get better from here.


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