in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff


Scale today: 284.2 – so I am about half a pound below where I was BEFORE my trip.

What is happy-making about that is, I acted LIKE A NORMAL PERSON. I took a vacation, had a romantic dinner out, ‘indulged’ with an extra regular meal (a lovely light salad with a boiled egg and a little tiny bit of shaved roast chicken), had a glass of wine with dinner. But I stayed away from the carbs, did not have any CRAYCRAY moments before during or after, and here I am, less than a week later and back to normal-and-falling.

So help me, I would be insane to touch high carb craycrays ever again.

IN other news, I went by Avenue to get some “goal pants” in a 22, because their capris and shorts are half off right now. I got some dark denim capris in size 22 for just $24 (yay) and didn’t even try them on in the store – will do that tonight to see how far off I am. And while I was there, I of course looked at clearance. And guess what? COATS, my friends, COATS FOR $25 each!!! I bought a bright red 3/4 jacket in rain-friendly microsuede stuff, a full length (on me, ha!) royal blue wool coat, and a short oyster colored leather jacket. I also got the capris, three scarves (for $4.95 each!!) and two 3/4 sleeve tshirts that fit. Total damage? $123. WOOHHOO! The cheapest of the coats started life at $149.99 and so I got all of that for well under the “real” price of the coats. Best of all, none are black (!) and all will work with my scarves and hats, and they are all classic designs, not trendy at all.

I had not planned at all on getting a coat until fall because I didn’t want to spend money on what is usually a very pricey item and guess wrong on what size I needed. But I figure I can afford to get this wrong, ha! 🙂 I got all three in 18-20 and they are all small now but not by much. I will leave the tags on and if they are too big come fall, sell them. Thinking very seriously about going back for another of the rain jackets in a size 14/16, the smallest they carry, because frankly that deal is just too delicious for words! 🙂


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