in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Suit woes

I think I forgot to tell you that the suit I ordered as an experiment from the cheaper place was a total BUST. They brought in the suit (late) and the skirt fit (although looser than I would have liked in the waist) but the jacket WOULD NOT GO OVER MY ARMS. SERIOUSLY? I had lost nearly 2 inches in each arm since the fitting (and a little over 20 lbs) so I was seeing red. What was REALLY bad is that the stupid salesgirl tried her very best to blame me – “are you sure you lost weight?” Yes. YES I AM SURE, you Beeyoch. And so I got a full refund, but only after waiting 10 weeks and losing another 20 lbs.

My present suit LITERALLY hangs off me. If there was such a thing as a fat scarecrow, this is what she would look like. UGH.

And today I have a hearing, so here I sit, in my humongous suit. I am trying to focus on the good – this is the GOAL, after all – and not on the TOTAL SUIT FAIL and how I am not going to like standing in front of the judge and with opposing counsel in an ill fitting nightmare of a suit, looking WORSE than the last time I saw them instead of better.

Sigh. OK.  Just had to get that off my chest.

Today scale said 285.4, so we are on our way back down. The Saturday I left for my trip I was at 285 that morning (bouncing has continued unabated, as you can see) so I am .4 up from the trip still and hopefully falling.

This weekend is the ladies retreat for our church. I am running it and doing three different lessons, so I will be running like crazy. Hoping to come home having beaten past that 284 mark. 🙂


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