in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Moanday again?

Wow, so I spent last week with the scale inching back down to the original low of 284. Then I went on my trip, walked my butt off, ate more calories (but not more carbs) than usual in the form of a rich dinner for my anniversary (steak, creamed spinach, and a lovely tuna tartare appetizer we shared), passed on wedding cake and even wedding food (including chicken tenders and fried green tomatoes, freshly done as you stood at the station! with remoulade!) and failed to drink enough water pretty much the entire trip (traveled Saturday and Sunday). Result? This morning, 287.0 🙂

Did you see the smiley? I am 100% ok wiht this – in fact, I am kind of pleased. This weekend was an experiment. I stayed 100% on plan with the carb count (so as not to induce cravings) but completely relaxed legal foods. And I walked A LOT – miles! – and I am sore but happy because I am just muscle-stretchy-feels-kinda-good sore, not good-lord-I-hurt-myself-kill-me-now sore. 🙂

So after a weekend that included a formal event, a very swish dinner, 15 hours of car travel, a movie (Avengers! awesome!) and a lot of walking (and little water) I was a leeeetle nervous about what the scale would say – but willing to suck it up. If you can’t indulge a bit on a weekend that includes Mother’s Day AND your wedding anniversary, well, your priorities may be a bit skewed.

I am positive the “up” is mostly the water issue. I am pushing water today and we’ll see what happens. But I am VERY pleased with how healthy I felt all weekend, how I didn’t even touch the things at the wedding and at dinner and brunch that would have “messed me up” and how I was able to walk my tushy off and feel good at the end of it.

So yay!


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