in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

I noticed something interesting when i was categorizing my last post yesterday. I noticed that I RARELY use the “goalz” category any more. But I betcha if I went back and took a poll, when I was OFF plan, I was all ABOUT talking about my goals.

I am a big believer in visualization and concrete goal setting – that hasn’t changed. But that post about not acheiving it in your head (and failing to do it in real life) realllllly made an impact on me. I spent a lot more time these days visualizing myself DOING IT (eating well, exercising, drinking my water) and not so much on the “taking a bow” part.

And FWIW, I am actually seeing results now. For realz, not just in Kitteh Brainz. And I must say, the IRL results are MUCH more satisfying!


Today’s scale, by the way, says 284.0. Back to the lowest I’ve hit… so far. 🙂


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