in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Last night, I stayed up way too late. Occupational hazard when my stress levels are high. And at some point, I reached around to scratch an itchy spot on my back (you know, crossed my right hand over my left shoulder?) and in so doing, I felt my left shoulder and upper arm. And I had this sudden, surprising feeling, coupled with the thought – I feel smaller. Hmm. Later, I scratched an itch on my right calf (apparently it was an itchy night) and again – a jolt – I feel smaller. These were random, unconscious scratches – the kind we all do a zillion times a day (right? If you disagree, just shut up. 🙂 ) and I am sure I would NOT remember either of them if they hadn’t come with that weird little startled feeling of “whaa?”

So when I went upstairs (finally), I measured myself. The last time I measured was April 17. My hips at their widest were still about 63″ – not sure exactly, because my tape measure only goes to 60″ and I had to get creative and measure the gap. (Not easy on yourself at hip height, while holding the tape straight). Last night, the tape measure went all the way around me, and even overlapped by a tiny fraction. Not enough to bother measuring, but that means I am down about 3″ in my hips since April 17. (And YES. I measured the same spot. I am positive.)

According to TargetWeight, on April 17 I weighed 285.4 lbs. Yesterday, scale said 286.8, remember? And this morning, 284.4. So somehow, my weight has been steady (or actually the opposite of steady, but bouncing around the same range of 286-284) and I have lost THREE INCHES or a little more on my hips.

I ALSO lost a couple inches in other places – including 1/4 inch on my NECK (which was only 14″ to begin with – hey, I really am a small person under here) and almost an inch each on calves, upper arms (which are still super flabby but apparently smaller) and waist.

So I KNOW that you can gain muscle and weigh the same. I have even experienced it before – though not to this degree and not in a while. So I feel like a right idiot for not measuring before now! I guess I have just been focused so much on the “10 more pounds” routine, and if anything, I thought that this phenomenon would not really show up until I’d lost some more in the way of fat.

But there you have it. My body does not, in fact, suck. 🙂

And like I said, today I was 284.4 and feelin’ mushy 😉 At the risk of being too graphic, my back fat is down to “chubby” level (instead of rolls).

Mostly, I am really glad to be back on the “do this perfectly” train, mentally. I feel good that the 270s are just around the corner of the calendar. 🙂


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