in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Or maybe that should be, tighten things down?

Anyway, this morning, my weight was the same – 287.8.

This is less surprising than it might otherwise be – in fact, I kind of expected it to go up some more. Yesterday, for dinner we had a really YUMMY crockpot dish that included black beans and raisins, and that we served over quinoa. It was all kinds of healthy (the kids scarfed it up, too!) and I left off the quinoa except for a taste (less than a tablespoon) but I still went over my carb allotment. Not by oodles, but by some. Then, I was munchie all night. I did NOT go get out more LC bread from the freezer, or “cheat” in the carb department, which is a victory of sorts, but I did have some cheese last night that was off plan.

Now, I have searched my heart on this one friends, and I did not go off plan because I was mad about the “gain” or anything like that. But basically, I have slipped back over the edge to complacency. It’s like, “this is working, I don’t have to be so vigilant.”


This IS working – when I DO it. Simply put, I cannot afford a nibble off plan if I want to see the kinds of results I got in January and March rather than February and April. Now honestly, that suggests a pattern, doesn’t it? And if I need to be a bit laxer every other month to keep this train moving, so be it. I am OK with it. (Lax here means, I have some wine on the weekends and some cheese but stay in my carb allotment).

But… time to move this train again. 🙂 Which means, time to tighten up, have no more deviations (even “on plan” ones) and get another 10 lbs off.

So. Time to go back to being perfect for a while. 🙂

Know what’s cool? I am 100% confident that I CAN be perfect on this plan if I just decide to do it. And that’s kinda awesome.


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