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Moanday 050712

Howdy kittehfriendz.

So yesterday, I conducted an experiment. For my lean meal, I had a grilled cheese sandwich and kale chips – what I was feeding my kiddos. Before you get all indignant, it was made with Julian’s Bakery low carb bread – about 100 calories per slice and ONE CARB per slice. So I was well under both my carb allotment and my calorie allotment, but (and this was the experiment) I had grains. Sprouted, non-gluten grains, but grains.

My tummy is fine (even though that was a LOT of fiber). But my weight was UP THIS MORNING BY 3.5 lbs. Today I am at 287.8 (CRAZEH!?) and my face is puffy. And before you ask, I noticed the puffy before the weigh in.

As my friend pointed out, I am also in the middle of period hell. Without getting too graphic, I have been almost  on-and-off started for about two weeks. This weekend, I thought I had REALLy started. But today I found out that I still had not REALLY started. So. I dont’ know if the 3.5 is water from the grain, water from the flukey cycle stuff, or what. I did not cheat – so I am not worried. I am not even angry, I’m just like “huh.”

So I’m skipping Moanday today and will do it later in the week when the weirdness has vanished, or next Monday if it has NOT vanished (God forbid) by then. 🙂 I know if I have to type out the reduction in amounts it will lead to me being really stirred up (artificially) over seomthing that I am not REALLY upset about, so I am going to practice what I preach about looking at the positive.


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  1. Its great that you are being really positive about the 3.5 gain. I had a friend who was also like “HUH” when she gained 1.5lbs after going to the bathroom(#2). I guess sometimes our bodies has conversations with the scale and agrees to troll us every now and then hahahah. But anyway, I know you’ll she those lbs right off. 😛

    take care
    Lara Krystle “Lane” Novales

  2. If you’ve been eating low calorie/carb, eating a bunch of carbs can replenish your previously depleted glycogen stores (which means a few pounds of water weight). has a fairly good explanation of how it works. Obviously one can’t actually gain 3-4 pounds overnight without taking in a truly amazing amount of calories, and you didn’t. It sometimes makes people feel like if they continued to eat carbs they’d gain weight like that indefinitely, but it wouldn’t continue on that trajectory. Nor is it really significant in the overall picture. So it’s good that you’re not beating yourself up!

    • Thanks, rk23 – good link – I am pretty confident that it isn’t actual body fat but have attributed it more to water than to glycogen. I thought that glycogen stayed put in muscles, even in mild ketosis – it’s the first thing replenished and held for emergencies, which is why body builders do all their carbs after lifting sessions – most of it gets stored and not absorbed?

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